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Tips to Avoid Animal Collisions

Tips to Avoid Animal Collisions

Finally, after what seemed like an endless winter, we are now able to experience nice warm weather. With this warmer weather comes improved driving conditions which is a blessing for all of those daily commuters on the road. However just because the roads are no longer slick with ice that does not mean there are not still dangers for drivers to be aware of.

Animals pose a huge threat to driver safety, especially at night. Animals are unpredictable and can rush into traffic without a moment’s notice causing serious, even fatal, accidents. Here are some tips to help you avoid animal collisions.

  1. Pay attention to animal crossing signs

Highways and major roads are often very clear with signage warning of animal crossings and what time of year to expect them. It is wise to be prudent and to pay attention to these signs. Being extra vigilant when you see them will cause awareness of the potential animal crossing and will alert you to prepare yourself for any necessary slowdowns or stops to avoid collisions.

  1. Always use your high beams when possible

Especially at night when visibility is reduced, your high beams will be your key to driving success. High beams allow you to see further ahead and provide you with a wider range of sight into the dark sides of the road. Having enhanced visibility with your high beams will illuminate animal eyes that are likely to cross your path.

  1. Know when to swerve and when not to swerve

Sometimes it is possible to avoid hitting and killing an animal, but other times it is safer to just hit the animal as opposed to causing a crash and harming yourself or other people. If you come across an animal crossing the road, use your best judgement and assess your surroundings. If you have ample space to swerve into another lane without impeding traffic in any way, then avoiding the animal may be your best bet. But it is often safer to hit the animal than to attempt to swerve and risk causing an accident with a car or pedestrian.

A long country road on a warm summer night can be the most relaxing driving experience one can have. But that same country road can also be lurking with animals just waiting to cross and potentially cause an accident. Paying extra attention to your surroundings and possessing good driving instincts is the best defence against tragic accidents involving animals.