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Ride a Motorcycle? Make Sure It’s Ready for Spring!

Ride a Motorcycle? Make Sure It’s Ready for Spring!

When you own a motorcycle, it’s hard to wait for the spring weather to arrive so you can finally get out and hit the open road. But before you start the engine, you need to make sure that your bike is still in the pristine condition you left it in before you stored it away for the winter. To get your motorcycle road ready, here are five tips to make sure it’s safe for spring!

Give It a Cleaning

It’s likely that your bike is covered in dust and grime, even if you stored it away for the winter. A quality cleaning will not only make your bike look great, but it can also help to remove any dirt so you can give it a more thorough inspection.

Inspect Everything

Now’s the time to check the brakes, brake fluid, battery, filters, oil, and coolants to ensure the bike is still in good working order. Also, it’s essential for you to look over the tires for any signs of wear and tear. If you notice any or cracks in your wheels, you should get them repaired or replaced before you ride.

Give Your Bike a Test Run

Before you head out for a long ride, it’s wise to give it a short test run around the block. Listen for any unfamiliar sounds and get acquainted with the feel of the bike again. If you’re feeling a little rusty, you can always take a course to get back into the swing of things.

Replace Old Gear

If any of your gear needs a refresh, now is the time to go shopping. Your helmet and black leathers should be in the same great condition as your bike when you set out on your first ride.

Review Your Insurance

This is also the perfect time to check your insurance and bike registration to ensure they are still valid for this season. Hitting the road without the proper coverage could cost you if an unexpected incident were to happen.

Know What to Do Just in Case

Most importantly, before you take your motorcycle out, review the procedures regarding what to do if an accident were to occur. This includes contacting the right authorities, calling an accidental injury lawyer, knowing what actions your insurance company requires, and knowing how to document the incident as much as possible.

If you ride a motorcycle, you should always make sure it’s safe for spring before you hit the road. But even when you’re following all the safety protocols, accidents can still happen. If you experience an incident on the road, don’t delay! Call us at Zuber Brioux. We can help you get the best result possible.