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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Lawyer

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Lawyer

There are many unexpected circumstances that can arise that will require professional legal assistance, and the nature of your legal issue will determine the type of lawyer you need. Finding the right lawyer for your needs can often be challenging and overwhelming as many lawyers concentrate their services in a few specific legal areas. Making the right decision on legal representation is important for you to get the best solution possible to suit your legal issue. That’s why asking the right questions can help you obtain the most qualified and experienced lawyer to handle your individual case. Below are a few of the best questions to ask when hiring a lawyer.

Have they successfully handled similar cases?

Most lawyers will specialize in a particular legal field. Finding a lawyer who has the experience at winning cases that are similar to yours will be important.

What are the fees?

The lawyer should explain to you all of the associated fees that will be involved and provide you with a fee agreement. The agreement should outline the contingency fees, flat fees and hourly rates that will be associated with the case. The contingency fee will spell out the percentage of money that the lawyer will be paid if the case is won. The flat fee is a fixed fee for certain services such as court appearances, and the hourly rate is in relation to any service charges like phone calls, preparing documents, and correspondence. The fee agreement should also outline the entire legal team dedicated to your case and their hourly rates.

What types of disbursements can I expect?

In most cases, there will be disbursements that a lawyer will pay for on your behalf and then charge you on your legal bill. Your lawyer should be able to give you an idea of what disbursement fees you can expect for your case. Some examples of disbursements include court filing fees and fees for obtaining expert reports. Knowing the disbursements in advance can help you prepare financially.

What are the possible outcomes?

All cases are different, but depending on the type of legal issue, your lawyer should be able to give you a general idea of all the possible legal scenarios and outcomes possible. This should also include how long the legal team expects the case to take.

Can you provide references?

Talking to past clients can help give you a sense of the lawyer’s work ethic, overall professionalism, and previous success. Obtain at least three references, and follow up directly with these previous clients.

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