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Is Fido Friendly? How to Tell Whether You Should Pet or Leave a Dog Alone

Is Fido Friendly? How to Tell Whether You Should Pet or Leave a Dog Alone

If you’re a dog lover like we are, you can’t help but want to pet every one you see. Unfortunately, this can result in some serious harm if the dog isn’t approachable. So how do you tell if Fido is friendly or not? Use these guidelines to tell whether you should go in for the pet or leave a dog alone.

Do You Know the Owner?

Rule of thumb — if you don’t know the owner, you should never attempt to pet their dog without asking first. An owner knows their dog best, and although the dog may seem friendly with their owner, they might not be good with others.

Does the Dog Seem Friendly?

Before you pet a dog, you should first see if the dog is friendly to others. If so, you should then gauge how they react as you slowly approach them. If they maintain a relaxed demeanour as you approach them, put out your hand slowly and let them sniff it. If they lick it or remain calm, it’s a sign that you can pet them. On the other hand, if they seem startled by you or start to get hyper as you come closer, then you should leave the dog alone. It’s difficult to tell if a dog is friendly or not so you should never go up and pet them without gauging their reaction to you first.

Are They Eating or Sleeping?

You should never bother a pet if it’s eating or sleeping, even if it looks cute. The dog could react defensively which could leave you with a serious injury.

Are They With Their Babies?

If the dog has puppies, you should let it be. Animal mothers are very protective of their young and will bite to protect them.

Does it Look Sick or Injured?

Stay far away from a pet that looks sick or injured. If the dog bites you and they break skin, you could end up with an infection. Instead, call an animal hospital so the dog can get help.

You should always be as cautious as possible when attempting to pet a dog that you don’t know. There’s a chance it could bite or attack you if it becomes scared or if it’s sick. If this happens, immediately report to a hospital and then call a lawyer.

If you’ve been injured by a dog, contact us at Zuber & Brioux Law. We can help you get the compensation you deserve to pay your medical bills and address the owner if the dog is dangerous.