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How to Walk From A to B Safer During the Winter

How to Walk From A to B Safer During the Winter

Come winter time, you have to be careful when you step outside. Melting snow can freeze quickly, forming a thick layer of ice that can be difficult to see. And it only takes one bad slip and fall accident to cause serious injury. To walk from A to B safer during the winter, follow these six golden rules.

Purchase the Proper Footwear

If you want to walk from A to B safer during the winter, you need the right type of shoes and boots. Ones made with non-slip rubber and grooved soles can provide you with the traction when you step out onto the snow and ice. Wide, low heels are best, and high heels should be completely avoided during this time of year. You may also wish to purchase shoe grips or ice cleats that will provide you with some extra traction when walking on icy surfaces.

Go Slow and Shuffle

When on icy patches, be sure to walk slowly and shuffle your feet. Spreading your feet out slightly can also widen your center of gravity and provide you with more balance in case you slip.

Keep Your Hands Free

Holding on to objects with both hands or putting your hands in your pockets is dangerous. You need at least one hand free to break your fall if you happen to slip on the ice.

Keep Knees Loose

When walking on slippery surfaces, you should keep your knees bent slightly. This will ensure your center of gravity is kept lower to the ground, which will help to stabilize your body and provide more balance when you walk.

Wear Bright Colours

Blizzard-like weather can happen at any time. So if you plan to go walking or hiking, it’s important to wear bright colours or reflective gear so drivers can see you.

Plan a Route

If you know that a certain street or walkway becomes particularly slippery when the temperatures drop, plan ahead to avoid it at all costs. Map a route that ensures you only walk on salted or dry walkways.

Even if you follow all the safety measures, falls can still happen. And if you injure yourself on public or private property because of someone’s neglect, you may be eligible for compensation. If you have suffered a serious sprain, injury, broken bones, or concussion, contact our office at Zuber Brioux. We’ll help you get the reparation you deserve.