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Going RVing? Do These 5 Things First

going RVing? do these 5 things first

The sun is shining; the weather is perfect — it’s the best time to go RVing! If you’re getting ready to organize your trip, make sure you do these five things first that will ensure you have fun and stay safe.

Pack Light and Efficiently

It’s easy to get carried away packing for a trip when you’re going RVing, but it’s important to try to pack light and efficiently to save on weight. Beyond the obvious essentials like your clothing and food, you should also create an emergency kit that includes all of the necessary First Aid supplies, along with flashlights, a charged cell phone, a list of any medications you’re taking along with your doctor’s contact information and even a lawyer’s number in case a problem occurs.

Ensure You Have all the Documents You Need

When driving your RV, you should always ensure that you have your out of country health insurance, in addition to your recreational vehicle insurance and registration on hand. And if you’re planning on crossing the border into the United States, don’t forget to pack your passport and check the restrictions on what foods you are allowed as these can frequently change.

Measure and Weigh

Driving with an overweight RV may void any insurance claims if you’re involved in an accident. So, it’s important to weigh your vehicle before heading out on the road. You should also write down your vehicle’s exact exterior height so that you’ll never have to worry about a freak accident when going under an overpass.

Check the Fresh Water Holding Tank

Clean, safe drinking water is necessary to have on your RV trip. Before you head out, you should ensure that you have enough water to drink and use for the amenities as you travel. If your RV has been in storage for quite some time, you should also sanitize the system before using to remove any bacteria that may have grown inside. This will take a few hours, so it’s best to perform this a day or two before you plan to leave.

Walk Around and Through

Never leave the driveway until you’ve done a full walk around and walk through of your RV. What you’re looking for is anything that could cause a problem on your trip. Check that all the latches are secure, the doors firmly lock, the lights and turn signals are working, and the tires are at the right pressure. Then do a quick inspection of the inside of your RV and look for things that could go flying when you start driving. You should also ensure that your LP gas, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke detectors are in good working order.

When you’re going RVing, whether it’s for a weekend or a big cross-country trip, you need to protect yourself against accidents or theft. So make sure you carry insurance with you and keep our 310-4LAW phone number on hand in case anything happens.  At Zuber Brioux, our attorneys are always available to help you in the event of an accident or mishap on and off the road.