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Getting Active In Spring: What You Need to Know

Getting Active In Spring What You Need to Know

As spring rolls around, Canadians flock to the outdoors once again to enjoy the perfect spring weather. During this time of year, you’ll find people everywhere enjoying outdoor sports, taking to the bike trails, road tripping to the cottage, and getting some use out of their boats and ATVs. Unfortunately, that’s also why injuries tend to arise come spring time. To stay safe and in one piece during this energizing time of year, follow these quick tips when getting active in spring.

Slip and Falls

Being active in springtime usually means getting out to do more walking and cycling. This is a great way to get in some exercise, but it’s also important to stay alert as this season is notorious for slip and fall accidents. Cool mornings and rain showers can easily make walkways and driveways slippery to walk and cycle on. Exercise caution when being outdoors this time of the year by looking out for wet areas, riding slowly after rainfalls, and wearing shoes with rubber soles.

Dog Bites

During the spring, you can finally take your dog outside for nice long walks. However, it’s important to know your risks. If your dog happens to get startled and ends up biting another dog or someone else, you could be held at fault for their injuries. It’s best to keep your dog on a leash to avoid any legal ramifications if they aren’t always comfortable.

Recreational Injuries

If you’re a camping or RV aficionado, you’re always ready to go when the warmer weather hits. But did you know that the owners and operators of any camping ground are responsible for ensuring that their equipment onsite is completely safe to use? If you suffer an injury at a recreational facility, you may be eligible for compensation.

Boating and ATV Accidents

As soon as it warms up enough to take off your jacket, the recreational vehicles come out to play. Although you may want to jump on and take off, it’s important to only get on recreational vehicles that have been inspected and have all the safety equipment needed. If you’re in an accident and the driver is found negligent, you may be able to pursue a claim for losses.

Brain and Spinal Chord Injuries

When it comes to outdoor sports like soccer and baseball or extreme sports like mountain biking and skateboarding, one small fall or blow to the head could lead to a serious brain and spinal cord injury that could incapacitate you for life. That’s why it’s extremely important to always wear protective gear, never push the boundaries, and exercise caution when you engage in sports.

If you experience an injury this spring, you may be eligible for compensation depending on the cause and circumstances of the accident. You may be able to sue the responsible party or parties who caused the accident, and your family members may also be entitled to compensation for any losses experienced due to your injuries. This includes pain and suffering, loss of income, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of amenities, future care expenses and even out of pocket expenses. If you believe you have a case, consult with one of Zuber Brioux injury attorneys right away. We’ll provide you with expert legal advice and protect your rights.