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    Ride a Motorcycle? Make Sure It’s Ready for Spring!

    Ride a Motorcycle? Make Sure It’s Ready for Spring!

    When you own a motorcycle, it’s hard to wait for the spring weather to arrive so you can finally get out and hit the open road. But before you start the engine, you need to make sure that your bike is still in the pristine condition you left it in before you stored it away Read More…

    5 ATV Safety Tips Every Driver Should Follow

    5 atv safety tips every driver should follow

    If you have ATV or four wheeler, you know exactly how much fun it can be to ride around your own property or out on trails – but you also know that things can get pretty dicey if you aren’t paying attention to safety tips and tricks that keep you from having a nasty accident. Read More…

    5 Tips for Safe ATV Riding

    5 tips for safe atv riding

    Safe operating procedures are essential for ATV riders. The amount of accidents occurring in Kingston and the surrounding area is always increasing, and this is especially dangerous when it comes to teenagers and young riders. Because ATVs are primarily off-road vehicles and are designed to provide a thrilling and moderately dangerous driving experience, many people Read More…

    5 Tips for Driving a Motorcycle Safely in the Rain

    driving safely in Ontario

    Nervous about riding your motorcycle in the rain? Before any other tips, remember that in any weather condition, the number one tip is to stay alert and always be aware of the drivers around you. When driving, always consider that any move you make on the road can potentially cause a reaction from other drivers. Read More…

    5 Motorcycle Safety Tips

    5 motorcycle safety tips

    Finally, the summer is here! With the summer comes great riding weather. It’s time to dust off that motorcycle and riding gear and hit the open road! Before starting to ride again, it’s important to go over the rules of the road and to think about safety first and foremost. The following are a list Read More…