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How to Avoid these Common Fitness-Related Injuries

how to avoid these common fitness-related injuries

Fitness and exercise can be a lot of fun – that is until you get hurt. But many of the most common injuries can be prevented with the proper techniques and conditioning. To learn how you can avoid these common fitness-related injuries, read on.

ACL Sprain

Your ACL – the ligament in your knee – helps to stabilize the knee when you rotate it. If you hyper-extend the knee or rotate it too far to one side, you can cause a rupture or tear. To prevent an injury, you need to strengthen your leg muscles, including the calf, glutes, and quads. Also, learning the proper techniques to prevent twisting the knee will also help to prevent a tear.

Rotator Cuff Strain

It’s not very difficult to injure the four little muscles that hold your shoulder in its socket. Tennis, baseball, and improper use of fitness equipment can all lead to a torn rotator cuff. To prevent a shoulder injury, you need to build up strength in the muscle through weight training and high repetition exercises. You should also learn the signs for when you’re overexerting the muscle so you can immediately stop when you feel pain.

Achilles Tendon Rip

Your heel has a weak spot, and if you overuse the Achilles tendon, you can rip it, which can cause intense pain and difficulty walking. The best way to prevent this is to start weight training that builds the calf muscles and stretches out the tendons. You should also avoid taking on too much too soon like participating in CrossFit before your Achilles tendon is flexible enough to ensure the exercises. Give your tendon lots of stretching time before and after any exercise.

Pulled Groin

Your groin is made up of six muscles in the inner thigh called adductors. If these muscles are stretched too far through vigorous movements, you can tear the muscle fibers and pull the groin. Recovery time is lengthy so avoiding this injury is important for serious athletes. One way to avoid this common fitness-related injury is to build the core muscles since the core and adductors are connected in the pelvis area. Other preventative measures include stretching out these muscles before engaging in any high endurance sports.


Concussions are dangerous and can lead to brain damage, and can even be fatal. Keeping your head free from injury should be a major priority. Helmets are the best way to reduce the risk when engaging in aggressive sports. Your best preventative measure is to learn how to use the gym or CrossFit equipment properly, use proper techniques, and to wear the appropriate equipment like a chin strap and mouth guard when playing contact sports. If you can’t prevent it, ensure you get the proper rest as prescribed by a physician as recovery can take months and returning to sports before you’re fully recovered can be dangerous.

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