Disability Claim Lawyers in Kingston

Claiming for a Disability
Looking for a Disability Claim Lawyer in Kingston? Call Ontario Injury Lawyers for a free consultation. If you have qualified for and are receiving monthly disability benefits, but are nearing the two year mark from the start of your benefits, you may not continue to qualify for these disability benefits after the first two year period.


You may need to re-qualify for these benefits after the initial two-year period. In most cases it only matters that you are unable to do the job you had at the time of your injury or sickness after this period you have to prove that you can’t do any job for which you are otherwise able to do, taking into account the training experience and education you have.


If you have been refused benefits after this initial two-year period, but you are still unable to work then you need professional legal advice. To speak with a personal injury lawyer in the Kingston area, just give us a call.


To find out whether or not you are eligible for continued disability benefits, please contact our firm for a free consultation.