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5 Things You Should Do to Make Your Home Safer this Season

Make Your Home Safer This Season

With winter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to make some necessary home improvements before the first snowfall hits. By upgrading your home security now, you can keep your place safe and avoid dealing with any dangerous or costly scenarios. To improve your safety, follow these 5 things you should do to make your home safer this season.

Inspect And Repair

Doing a proper home inspection before winter starts is the easiest way to prevent any unnecessary accidents from occurring. Your inspection should involve checking around your home for any damaged steps, railings, and walkways. Fixing any problems now will ensure that all the small issues don’t turn into big expensive ones down the road.

Install Advanced Lighting Systems

When the Canadian winter hits, you get extended hours of darkness in the mornings and during the evenings. It’s during these dark hours where fresh snow and ice can lead to dangerous slip and falls. That’s why you need an advanced lighting system that can brighten your driveway, walkways, and entranceways when the sun goes down. Equipped with sensors that can detect motion, the lights will automatically turn on when you head outside so you can stay clear of any black ice or unexpected obstacles.

Check Fireplaces And Woodburning Stoves

Don’t forget to check that your fireplace or wood-burning stove is in good condition before you turn them on this winter. If there are any signs of corrosion or cracks in the stovepipes, or problems with the flume, you could end up releasing toxic chemicals into your home.

Upgrade Your Security System

With all the latest in technology, it may be time to upgrade your security system to one that is more efficient and reliable. With today’s security advances, you can now have your window and door sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors and CO detectors all directly connected to one system. So if anything is set off, you will get a notification right to your smartphone and also to the appropriate authorities. It’s a good way to keep you and your family as safe as possible.

Check Your Emergency Kit

If there’s an intense storm and your power goes out you need to be prepared. Use a suitcase to pack a winter emergency kit – this can also come in useful if you ever need to evacuate your home. Your emergency kit should include a flashlight, water, blankets, perishable food items, can opener, batteries, important documents, candles and matches, some basic tools, first aid kit, and a change of clothing. This is also handy to keep in your car during the winter if any unforeseen scenarios arise and you’re stuck for a few hours.

If you forget to make the necessary home improvements this winter and you or someone else gets injured on your property, call us at Zuber Brioux. Our expert legal team can help!